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Oct 17 marked the first day of League of Legends’ 10 days of login bonuses to celebrate Riot Games’ 10-year anniversary event. However, players that have not yet taken advantage of the festivities do not have to worry. Riot Games has revealed that players can still collect the login bonus gifts even if they miss certain days.

There is only one requirement for players to be eligible to receive the login bonuses, which is to have created a League of Legends account prior to the 10-year anniversary stream.

Riot Games login bonuses

Riot Games’ Lead Gameplay Designer for League of Legends, Mark “Riot Scruffy” Yetter, explained that players can collect the rewards from past days if they miss a few. In addition, the only requirement for players to claim the reward is completing Anniversary Missions. Even if players lose the game while completing a mission, they can still claim the reward.

Some fans reported troubles on social media and in our comments about claiming their login bonus rewards even after playing games. “Try logging out and logging back in! The [Anniversary] Mission needs to activate, so that’s how you can get them to activate,” answers Tacun from Riot Games Support about this concern. “Afterwards, play another game and see if it will push through.”

login bonus gifts in League of Legends

A list has also been revealed of the rewards provided for all 10 days. Players on day one will receive an Anniversary Icon, Emote, and Ward skin. Day two will give players 6,300 Blue Essence, with day three granting a Masterwork Chest and Hextech Key. Then players will be able to claim a Little Legends Rare Egg for Teamfight Tactics, 3,000 Orange Essence, Four Skin Shards, 25 Prestige Points, 200 Worlds 2019 Tokens, Two Gemstones, and a Legendary Skin for days four through ten.

While the promotion consists of 10 days of login bonus gifts, there is surprisingly another day of gifts as well. Players will be able to claim a guaranteed Annie-versary skin, Birthday Border, and Icon, on the 11th day.

Happy birthday, League of Legends

Many of these rewards are rarely given out with normal promotions, and they also come with real-world currency values attached to them. The Masterwork Chest and Hextech Key reward for day three would normally cost players 225 Riot Points. At a rate of 1,380 RP for $10 and 3,500 RP for $25, this login bonus would cost ~$1.6 if purchased. Similarly, a Little Legends Series 1 and 2 Rare Egg costs 490 Riot Points, which would be around ~$3.5 if paid for.

What are you waiting for? Open up your League of Legends client and claim them all. Let us know what you get, and keep up with Daily Esports for all of your League of Legends coverage.