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League of Legends champions Ahri and Udyr are on the list to receive visual effects updates for the upcoming 10.15 patch. In order to get these changes out, the Riot development team has asked for feedback on both PBE changes. These updates include everything from improving the look of Ahri’s base kit to fixing a well-known Udyr bug.

Ahri’s VFX update

The last time Ahri received any kind of visual effect update came back in Patch 7.23. That patch, released in November 2017, fixed an Arcade Ahri’s Fox Fire VFX bug. Other than that, she’s only received nerfs and buffs. In this new update, Senior Visual Effects Artist Kevin ‘Riot Sirhaian’ Leroy aims to improve her gameplay VFX to today’s standards. The updates are listed below:

  • BA: Cleaned up missiles and hit effects.
  • Q: New missiles and hit effects, showing the actual hitbox. Healing missiles are now green.
  • W: New cleaned up and modernized fox-fires, missiles, and hit effects.
  • E: Cleaned up the missile, should feel more modern with an accurate hitbox look.
  • R: New cast and ground buff effects, as well as new missiles and hit effects.

Udyr VFX Update

As stated by Riot Sirhaian, Udyr’s visual update is long overdue. Since his release in 2009, he’s only had a single VFX update back in patch 8.1. In this patch, the development team attempted to modernize his overall look while also improving gameplay readability. Some of his updates include:

  • P: New movement speed boost effect.
  • BA: New hit effect.
  • Q: New transform effect and overhead symbol. Tiger form has a new DoT effect.
  • W: New transform effect and overhead symbol. Turtle form has new heal and shield effects.
  • E: New transform effect and overhead symbol. Bear form has a new stun effect.
  • R: New transform effect and overhead symbol. Phoenix has new AOE and cone effects.

What do you think of these changes? Don’t forget to log in to your PBE account to test them out! Stick with Daily Esports for more League of Legends updates.

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