After Pentakill is erased, RNG GALA simply gets another one

After Pentakill is erased, RNG GALA simply gets another one

RNG simply had to do it to 'em

As the de facto best team in Group B at the 2022 Mid-Season Invitational, Royal Never Give Up were sure to win in their Day 4 match against RED Canids. However, RNG bot laner Chen “GALA” Wei styled on each of his opponents by securing the first Pentakill of MSI 2022.

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Yes, it literally happened again.

After RNG had their first three matches stripped from them due to Riot Games finding discrepancies regarding latency, Riot Games forced them to replay their first three games for competitive integrity’s sake. This meant GALA’s pentakill from Day 3 did not count.

However, while playing the same exact opponents on Day 4, GALA had his sights set on making sure he would still be the first player with a Pentakill at MSI 2022.

Although he (re)accomplished this feat on a different champion, GALA managed to kill all five members of RED Canids during a teamfight on Kai’Sa to acquire Pentakills on back-to-back days. It’s just that only the second one is official.

RNG’s game against RED Canids on Day 4 was a lot like their match on Day 3. RNG simply outclassed the Brazilian reps in every lane — but especially in the bot lane once again. GALA locked in his signature Kai’Sa, which shows was his most picked champion in 2021 by a wide margin. Even though the champion hasn’t been strong so far in 2022, RNG decided to let GALA loose on his first Kai’Sa game in 2022.

GALA played the teamfight that led into the Pentakill immaculately. Eighteen minutes into the game, RNG and RED Canids found themselves hovering around the third dragon of the game. That’s when the 4/0/2 kills/deaths/assists GALA waited patiently for his time to strike. With a Killer Instinct into the back of the dragon pit, GALA destroyed RED Canids one by one.

GALA ended the game with a perfect KDA of 13/0/3, which was an even better stat line than his Lucian from Day 3. Even with the talented line-up of bot laners at MSI 2022, the MSI 2021 finals MVP is showing why he is still the best in Busan (and he’s technically not even there).

RNG rode the momentum from their win against RED Canids into a 3-0 day. Which actually only puts them at 3-0 for the tournament despite winning six games. RNG will play their final three games on Saturday, May 14.

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