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The hype has been all but drawn out from Modern Warfare‘s initial release. Many felt that this title would be a return to the glory days of Call of Duty, when killstreaks rained from above and everyone had a good time. However, what we got instead is an arguable mess of a game that is bogged down by bugs, strange decisions, and skill-based matchmaking. While Infinity Ward is trying to improve the game with every update, they seemingly only make things worse.

With such a debacle for the game’s first month or so, it’s no surprise that many players have simply stopped playing. Though, it appears Activision is making an attempt to win those players back with a survey.

Activision gets desperate

While we don’t have the exact numbers, it can be reasoned that a fair portion of gamers stopped playing Modern Warfare after launch. Whether it be the slow-paced gameplay or skill-based matchmaking, many have simply quit logging on.

Activision clearly sees something they don’t like in the data they’re receiving. It’s enough that the publishing company has sent out a survey to users who haven’t logged on Modern Warfare in some time.

Activision survey
Credit to Reddit for the image

Though this isn’t uncommon for Activision, what is out of place are the actual questions. Activision always sends out surveys to players, but the questions and answers have never been this specific. The survey is obviously aimed at players who stopped playing Modern Warfare, as we can see from the posed question.

One other thing we can take away from the survey is that Activision and Infinity Ward clearly recognize the community’s complaints. A majority of fans do complain about nearly every issue listed in the survey. However, we still haven’t seen any fixes/updates from Infinity Ward regarding the issues.

Hopefully, this survey is an indication that we’ll be seeing some real change in the future. Many in the community would most likely come back to Modern Warfare if even half of the issues in the survey were resolved.

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