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Call of Duty: Warzone is in an extremely rough state right now. While the Season 5 update did introduce new content to the game, it also brought some less than desirable bugs. The first one to arise was the infamous ‘demon-gun’ glitch, which has driven streamers away from the game. However, a new glitch has popped up in the last couple of days that could be even more game-breaking. It involves the standard gas mask not breaking, even if you’re outside of the zone.

Gas mask glitch ruining Warzone matches

If the demon-gun glitch wasn’t enough to worry about, the gas mask glitch certainly puts most players over the edge. It seems like every day, a new game-breaking bug appears and is immediately thrust into the spotlight.

While Activision has said many times that they’re working towards a resolution for these glitches, that won’t matter if more bugs keep popping up. This could result in a never-ending cycle of bugs making Warzone unplayable.

Speaking of unplayable, what is the gas mask glitch? Basically, when some players loot a random gas mask off of the floor, it becomes an unbreakable mask. That means that even standing in the zone for minutes on end won’t deal you any damage as long as the mask is on. Tyler “TeeP” Polchow was recently a victim to this glitch in a Warzone match.

Though some players thought this was simply someone using a Durable Gas Mask, this is definitely a glitch. Durable Gas Masks were secretly added into Season 5 of Warzone but are not unbreakable.

Activision hasn’t officially commented on this issue as of yet. While the publisher did claim to be working on a fix, that was quite some time ago. We can only hope and wait to see if the developers find a quick fix for the numerous glitches currently ravaging Warzone.

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