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One of the most infamous gaming communities, not just on Reddit but on the whole forum scene, is the League of Legends subreddit. With more than 5.5 million followers, r/leagueoflegends has everything you need: The Post-Match Threads for the esports followers, graphics that shows how Excel could make playoffs this year or the weekly, sorry, the daily complaint thread about another champion that someone just lost against. It’s everything one could ask for.

It also gives us an opportunity to take a screenshot that would show what all the rage was about for that one moment. Because this is a subreddit for League of Legends fans, who aren’t known for being consistent on their opinions or displaying them in the right ways (looking at you, people who spam under Twitter updates from Rioters), I went ahead and took that screenshot for you. With all that said, let’s go look into these posts one by one.

League of Legends subreddit
This screenshot is taken on the evening of December 17, 2021. When you’re reading this, I assume all posts except the pinned ones will disappear into the void of time (You can go check it with the link above).

Patch 11.24 Bug Thread

“Note that many Rioters are going through every single comment so don’t worry if you post the 1500th or 3000th comment, every reply will be read over the next few days.” – Hopeful words of AutoModerator

We’re starting with an easy one – it’s the bug megathread. Happens after every patch and is especially busy during preseason. You know those bugs that you see on the front page? They may be in and out of Hot in less than three hours as there is a lot of League of Legends content out there, but the bug megathread ensures that Rioters can look at the subreddit and see the bug reports consistently.

2021 LCS and LEC Roster Rumors/Changes Megathread

As many of you know, League of Legends offseason tends to be filled with crazy news that could flood the subreddit if it was left on its own, so the mods decided to contain the Roster-mania (Their word, not mine) into one pinned megathread. Now, if we’re being honest, this has not helped the issue of big roster moves filling the front page, especially in this offseason, but it has significantly decreased the workload mods have to keep the subreddit flowing.

In this thread you can find the breaking rumors and confirmed news like the new Team Singularity roster and discussion about these news alongside a spreadsheet of confirmed changes. If you follow Upcomer regularly, you probably won’t need to check this megathread.

No TP needed, WW’s got this. (by u/Moshepup)

No TP needed, WW’s got this. from leagueoflegends

In this clip, the odd pick of top lane Warwick returns a good result – three kills without dying. As impressive as that is, and it is impressive, this does not mean top lane Warwick is a Tier-1 champion that will grant you the easy LP you’ve been looking for. If you try to do this, you will probably not be successful due to different enemy skills and other factors such as items and the state of the game.

This happens to many people, including me. The urge to play an odd pick or a new champion just because you’ve seen someone who’s good at it pull of a cool trick or two. Many things can cause this, including but not limited to: Hyped pro matches and players, cool clips from Reddit or YouTube or streamers who either know what they’re doing or are making content (for example Pink Ward). The rise of play rate of Jinx, Vi and other Arcane characters could be linked to this phenomenon too.

The point is, don’t do this in ranked games to prevent potential LP losses. Otherwise try to accomplish these legendary moves to your heart’s content on normals.

Made a custom League of Legends Sobriety Coin (by u/rx554)

Take a good luck, because this is Halley’s Comet of League of Legends subreddit posts. According to the user, this is created for a friend who stopped playing the game for 6 months. It looks really similar to an actual sobriety coin. It’s just very well created. Kudos.

These types of posts hit the target and have a chance to earn their place among the highest upvoted posts of the subreddit. This post that showcases a functioning replica of PROJECT: Ashe’s bow is the third post if you sort for the top posts of all time. People like seeing quality and they don’t hold back on upvoting it once they do.

5 Man Seraphine ULT… this champ is still disgusting (by u/Hi_Its_Mish)

5 Man Seraphine ULT… this champ is still disgusting. from leagueoflegends

Ah yes, the daily, sorry again, the hourly complaint thread. Or at least, some part of it is. Before we get into the post type, let’s look at the play; it’s very lucky, flashy and exciting to achieve but it runs into the problem of the first post – when you pick Seraphine, the five enemies will most likely not line to be hit by your ultimate that announces itself and has a delay right near the Baron pit for harder escape. That’s why it’s upvoted to the front page, because it rarely never happens.

This is posted as an example of how “disgusting” Seraphine is, but if you look at the stats you’ll see that it’s not. Fortunately, the comments of the post call this out. This is fortunate because in many of these cases, commenters join the call-it-overpowered train and ride it until the post falls out of favor by time. In 5.5 million people, there’s bound to be some people who agree (or disagree) with every opinion you can post in there, so the feedback and the comments you get mostly depend on who sees your post first.

Cassiopeia coils around four people (by u/SpicyBenjin)

Cassiopeia coils around four people from leagueoflegends

This is nearly the same thing as the first post, a highly remarkable outplay that makes you want to try Cassiopeia in your next game just to go 1/9/3. But remarkable gameplay indeed. Not much else to say that hasn’t been said in this article.

The Shield and Anti-Shield Situation Is Slowly Becoming The New Heal and Anti-Heal Issue Of The Game (by/gellatomato)

This is one of the cases where people agree on the post that is complaining about a feature of the game. Whether it be the newest champion, something that was recently changed or a new meta emerging, there’s almost always going to be someone who is angry about something. You can click on each of those words to see a different example of what I’m talking about. Of course while some of the claims in the subreddit are legitimate and right, most are not.

This particular one is about shielding and anti-shield items in the game. Built on the basis of anecdotal claims, this complaint is a bit self aware as the poster states “Maybe it’s just me.”. I understand the frustration of League of Legends sometimes, it may feel unfair and cheating but sometimes you’re just on the other side of the coin. Take the four players on the above clip for example. They just lost to a champion that is hard to play but has great power if the player is skilled enough to reach that potential. Same goes for Yone, Yasuo and Irelia – three champions that are somewhat in the same category. In this post, there is this quote:

“The Lifeline Items are especially cancerous on non-ADCs (Looking at you Yasuo, Yone and Irelia).”

Yes, the safety the Lifeline passive gives to these champions provides them with a safety net that goes against the high risk, high reward playstyle of these champions but it’s on a long cooldown, the shield only activates after a certain amount of damage so there is counterplay and you can still build anti-shield items.

People who ruin ranked games on purpose should be perma banned from ranked (by u/jamalspezial)

I honestly get it, I do. Losing a game and 25-40 minutes of your effort with it is definitely, without a shadow of a doubt demoralizing and aggravating. But please try to internally review the possibility of your suggestion happening before you post it. Another user named u/Datmisty posted a very good summary of the reasons as to why the idea in the title can never be a feature.

“You can soft int every single game and never get punished for it because there is no way for an automated system to determine it. Riot will never manually review games either.”

This is not a financial issue on Riot’s part – no company has the resources to hire people that will manually look at every single report and determine if that person was actually soft inting, having a bad day or just trying something new. The AFK problem can be combatted, yes, but there can never be a time in history where all of the people who ruined a ranked game on purpose will be permabanned from ranked queue.

The worst part of these types of suggestions is that they bring down Reddit’s credibility – if it had any – and hurt the actually helpful and sensible suggestions.

And that wraps this magnified look into a moment of the front page of Reddit. The posts might change but pay attention to the types of posts. Of course during events like playoffs or international stages like MSI or Worlds, it will look significantly different but you can also take a screenshot every now and then to compare.

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