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Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War has been out for almost a week at this point and the multiplayer is in a rougher state than players would like. While the overall gameplay feels nice, there are several bugs within the game that are cause for concern. Of course, Treyarch should be able to patch these bugs soon but as of right now, the bugs are driving players crazy. One of these bugs has to do with Calling Cards, which many in the community are dying to see fixed as soon as possible.

The Calling Card bug in Black Ops Cold War

This bug seems to be affecting a majority of players in both multiplayer and zombies. While it seems some players have been able to avoid the issue, most are experiencing a frustrating dilemma with the game’s Calling Cards.

Essentially, the bug doesn’t allow you to equip a Calling Card in either multiplayer or zombies. Although you can select one from the Player Identity tab, it won’t stay on your account. Instead, your Calling Card will revert to a default one, making you go back and equip another.

black ops cold war calling card bug
One of the default Calling Cards that the game reverts to. Image via Activision

There currently doesn’t appear to be any kind of workaround for this bug. Players simply have to keep going back and equipping the same Calling Card over and over again. However, it’s been reported that animated Mastery cards aren’t affected by this bug. So, for the time being, if you want a card to stay on your profile, you better grind for a Mastery challenge.

Treyarch has yet to comment on this issue, but the developers have no doubt heard the complaints. Black Ops Cold War should see a future patch that fixes this issue but as of right now, there’s no indication as to when that update is coming.

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