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  FIFA Ultimate Team is the most popular mode in FIFA. This mode offers EA Sports a huge revenue each year, which allows them to make key updates to make the game mode perfect. Ultimate Team allows the player to create their dream team and compete against other players online. In addition to this, it allows players to compete against each other on a highly competitive stage, FUT Champions. However, FUT is not perfect: Here are five things that we would like to see in next year’s installment of the mode.

  1. Online tournaments

Online tournaments were a part of FIFA until FIFA 16. For some reason, EA Sports removed the Tournaments section of FUT. There were three separate competitions that you could get involved in: the Bronze Cup, where you could only use low-rated players, the Silver Cup, where you could only use average players, and the Gold Cup. The Gold Cup was one of the best parts of the Ultimate Team franchise before it was removed. It allowed players to compete against each other with extremely high-rated players. This separated the men from the boys in terms of FIFA skill.

EA also held these tournaments in FIFA 12. This was a big leap for Ultimate Team as they gave an item as the reward, rather than coins or packs. This was brought back to FIFA 16 when players could compete for Team of the Season cards. However, FIFA 17 and FIFA 18 only included the Daily Knockout Tournaments, which only contained competitive gameplay. That stopped being fun after a while. Casual FIFA players have been begging for online tournaments to return, so they don’t have to compete in competitive game modes when they want to get away from online divisions or Draft.

  1. Trade Offers

Trade Offers shaped FIFA Ultimate Team into the game mode that it is today. During FIFA 13, but more specifically FIFA 14, YouTubers competed against each other in Pink Slips. This was a concept that allowed the players to play a game against each other, and the winner won the other person’s item. This is where trade offers came in; a player could simply trade one item for another.

This allowed people such as Wroetoshaw to break through into the FIFA scene on YouTube. He played many games to win cards. He could list up a bronze card and be offered a Team of the Year card (the best card type in FIFA). However, EA removed Trade Offers in FIFA 15 due to people buying coins illegally in the game. Trade Offers were the way in which these coins were transferred from the hacked account to the buyer’s account. This affected the large majority of players who gave FIFA that competitive edge in friendly seasons. There has been an outcry ever since this feature was removed for it to return.

  1. Customization

FIFA Ultimate Team allows the player to create their own dream team. So, why can the player not create their dream kit and badge? This question has been asked for many years, but with no response from EA. They had a feature previously where someone could log on to their website and access the Creation Center. They could create a club with custom players, kits, and badges and import it into FIFA. However, this option has never been available for Ultimate Team.

In addition to this, I would like to see players have the ability to create their own stadiums. Maybe they could pay coins or FIFA Points to have the best stadium possible. This would also be a great feature to have in Career Mode. In Career Mode, players can play as a low-ranked side and gain promotion many times — but still be playing in a tiny stadium. This needs to change.

  1. Improved Draft

The Draft is a mode that was introduced in FIFA 16. The player is given five players to pick from in each position of the squad, from striker to reserves. Once the player has selected their squad, they must win four games in a row to win the ultimate prize. The rewards vary and are often random depending on where you finish and how well you do.

However, the prizes have sparked confusion and frustration among avid Draft players. This is because you have to pay 15,000 coins or 300 FIFA Points to enter, and you sometimes do not make the money back. This is strange, as EA said in 2015 that you will make at least 15,000 coins in rewards even if you lose your first game. The packs that EA offers to players often do not give back the amount that the player paid to enter. This is why Draft rewards need to be improved. In my opinion, Draft winners should get at least 15,000 coins straight away. Along with this, they should get the usual pack rewards (randomized). Finally, they should receive a Draft Token. This is an item that allows the player to enter the Draft again, but for free.

  1. Better promotions

Finally, EA Sports needs to introduce better promotions in FIFA Ultimate Team. FIFA 17 had the best promotions ever in a FIFA Ultimate Team iteration with the introduction of Movember, Halloween, and Christmas promotions. This meant that fans were excited for more innovative and creative promotions in FIFA 18. However, the calendar for FIFA 18 mirrored the one for the previous year. No more promotions were added, excluding the World Cup items, which were expected.

Hopefully, EA can use the UEFA licensing to add more Champions League-themed promotions, as well as do something that improves boring promotions such as Team of the Week. Moreover, EA Sports needs to improve the distribution of Icon cards and create a promotion around that, which allows players to play for the best card. There needs to be more interaction during these big promotions that makes players want to come back to the game after the season ends.

FIFA Ultimate Team seems to be the perfect mode when it is first released each September. However, the cracks often start to show when players realize what they really need in the game. What do you want to be added into FIFA 19? We’d love to hear from you. I have also covered some more things about what we know about FIFA 19 Ultimate Team and about The Journey and what we should expect. Check them out.