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The Halo Championship Series is starting up again with Halo Infinite and 406 teams have signed up for the FACEIT HCS NA Open Series qualifier. This tournament is the first of the Halo Infinite esports scene, an open qualifier set in North America. After the applications were done, it showed that a substantial amount of teams are battling it out. The rewards for making the tournament include money, as well as HCS points for future tournaments.

A lot of teams in North America join the HCS

When it comes to HCS and the Halo Esports scene, it disappeared over time along with the competitive popularity of the Halo series in general. But, with the development of Halo Infinite, players saw a possible return to esports. Halo was a part of the MLG esports era and the fanbase, along with prospective professional players, are coming back for Infinite. Even with the hype that Halo Infinite brought, the number of teams applying is unprecedented within the Halo scene.

According to Moses FPS on Twitter, this HCS NA open qualifier had more teams than any other Halo Esports tournament in the region. At 406, it shattered the second most, which was 314 teams in the qualifiers for the 2016 Halo World Championship. One of the key aspects of the multiplayer of Halo Infinite is that it’s free, allowing more players to access the game to get started. Despite some Battle Pass issues, the multiplayer’s early release and the development team’s commitment to their esports success should inspire confidence for fans of the title. Now, the team has numbers to back it up. To start these esports competitions, 406 teams will fight to become the face of the newest Halo esport.

Halo Championship Series
The roadmap to the final of the HCS. | Provided by 343 Industries

The open qualifier tournament starts with players streaming their own gameplay if desired. To watch, fans can go to the Halo Infinite tab on Twitch, and HCS players streaming their perspectives will appear.