2022 LCS Summer Week 1 Day 1 Wrap-Up: Welcome back
2022 LCS summer split Day 1 Team Liquid Honda

2022 LCS Summer Week 1 Day 1 Wrap-Up: Welcome back

New picks, same results

The 2022 League of Legends Championship Series is finally back after a brief hiatus, and the action from the first day gave fans a look at new and returning faces and champion picks. Even if the results felt predictable in the end, seeing players back in the LCS had fan buzzing. Here are the top moments from all the games from Week 1 Day 1 of the 2022 LCS Summer split.

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Player of the Day: TL Bwipo

Many players had fantastic opening game performances on opening day; FlyQuest’s LoΓ―c “toucouille” Dubois went 7/0/1 on Azir, and not a single player on Team Liquid Honda died once. Also from Team Liquid, GabriΓ«l “Bwipo” Rau had an even better day than toucouille. Liquid put the ball in his hands, and he took the alley-oop; his Olaf was striking down enemies left and right in his signature hyper-carry style as Bwipo went 7/0/4 and picked up the win.

Most memorable moment: Team Liquid’s Perfect Game

It’s very important for teams to get off to a good start on opening day; especially true when the first week is a three-day super week. Setting the early tone is vital for teams wanting to inch closer to Worlds 2022. Team Liquid came out against Immortals in peak form β€” in their first game of the season, Team Liquid did not give up a kill, a tower or an objective, giving them the coveted perfect game. Team Liquid absolutely outclassed IMT, showing that this superteam is here to play.

Best Quote: Jojo with the Mojo

The LCS’s resident smack talker didn’t hold back in his first match since coming back from the Mid-Season Invitational. In a match of two mid-laners who were competing for the starting spot on Evil Geniuses just a few months ago, Joseph “Jojopyun” Pyun came out on top and made sure to let everyone know on social media.

Best Clip: Fudge Factor

Although C9 lost to EG in the opening match of the 2022 LCS summer split, Ibrahim “Fudge” Allami popped off in his return to the top lane. Playing as the hyper-carry duelist Fiora, Fudge let EG know that the fight isn’t over until the announcer says “an enemy has been slain.”

What’s Next

Week 1 continues on Saturday with another five-game slate. A rematch of the 2022 LCS spring finals between EG and 100 Thieves and the next chapter of the TSM versus Counter Logic Gaming highlight the slate; the action kicks off live starting at 4:30 p.m ET on Twitch.

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