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Lessons learned from LCK Week 3 summer split 2022

The question remains....Who will beat Gen.G?

Week 3 of the League of Legends Champions Korea is done and dusted after four days of several best-of-three series between the 10 teams. With the race for the top spots starting to heat up, here are the major takeaways from Week 3 of the 2022 LCK summer split.

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T1 finally bleed in the LCK

Kwangdong Freecs defeat T1 in LCK summer split| Image provided by LCK Twitter

After going undefeated in the LCK since the beginning of 2022, T1’s historic 24-game win streak comes to an end with a loss against Kwangdong Freecs. The loss came as a surprise for many fans, as Kwangdong were on a three-series losing streak with only one series won in the last four. T1 began their win streak in the spring split and kept it during the LCK spring playoffs as they won the split undefeated.

Even though T1 look more vulnerable than the last split it will take a lot for other teams to make them bleed again. The quick bounce back in their last game against DRX showed the team’s ability and mental fortitude.  While DRX put up a fight in the first game of the series, the second was barely a contest. T1 shut them down in the early game and kept on increasing the pressure around the map. They closed the game with over 8,000 gold, 16 kills and just two deaths.

Time for Fredit BRION to panic?

While most teams seem to have improved in the LCK summer split, Fredit BRION finds itself headed in a different direction. The team turned heads for their win against DWG KIA and fight to make it to the playoffs in the last weeks.

However, in the summer split, they remain the only team with no wins after 6 series. While there is no cause for major alarms now, BRION cannot afford to drop more games in the coming weeks. They qualified for the LCK spring playoffs with 8 wins and will need roughly the same amount if they hope to do so again.

Gen.G look better than ever

The one question lingering on the minds of most LCK fans is ‘who can stop Gen.G’? So far, Kt Rolster, Hanwha Life Esports, DK, BRION, KDF and Nongshim RedForce have all had their chances but failed. The Gen.G roster suffered from the COVID-19 outbreak at different times throughout the spring season and this disrupted the team. Now, fans get a chance to see the Gen.G super roster without these disruptions and they look more powerful than ever. With a 6-0 record, Gen.G have dropped only one game in the six series won.

They easily saw off KDF in their last game, the team that earlier ended  T1’s win streak. They almost had a flawless performance in the first game with only three deaths and no towers lost. Gen.G’s perfect record in the LCK summer split will be put to the ultimate test when they face T1 next. But for now, they sit pretty at the top of the LCK standings.

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