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The European Masters playoff field is set as the event continues April 27. The eight teams battled through a roster of European regional league teams to make it out of the group stage. The EU Masters playoff bracket is a single-elimination tournament seeded by group state placement. Each EU Masters team will face off in a best-of-three series until the grand finals which is a five game affair. The event culminates May 2 for the grand finals.

The EU Masters playoff teams

Group D was the final EU Masters group to conclude as Karmime Corp took the first seed. Karmine Corp, a La Ligue Franciase representative, bulldozed the group to a top seed with a 6-0 record. BT Excel, the other Group D team, came out with a 3-3 record and will represent the Northern League of Legends Championship. The other three groups finished in similar fashion as one team swept the field, and the other fought for the second place spot.

UCAM Esports Club and Berlin International Gaming also went 6-0 in their respective groups. Misfits Premier, the last top seed, was the only team to win their group while recording a loss. They went down to fellow playoff team ŠAIM SE SuppUp in a back-and-forth 40 minute game. The rest of the field includes Mkers, from Italy, and Mouseports from the German league.

The playoff field is a diverse set of squads from Europe’s regional leagues. No team from the Balkan or Greece leagues made the cut, but Mkers were the only team to qualify from the Play-in stage. Outside of those two leagues, every other main powerhouse regional league has at least one representative. Germany and France have two, Italy, Spain and the recently merged Nordic and United Kingdom league all have one.

The lineup of teams is completely differnt from last Splits as the only two teams to compete in both are Mouseports and BT Excel. The tournament begins April 27 on the EU Master Twitch channel as the eight teams battle for European recognition and the lion’s share of €150,000.