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From the coldness of Rotterdam in spring, the LEC finals are heading to the historic city of Athens, Greece! As announced on the League of Legends esports page, the finals will take place in Greece on September 8. Round 3 of the playoffs will also happen a day prior in the same city. Furthermore, Riot Games is partnering with LION Cereals on the event. They previously partnered on the Wildest Fans activity, bringing 100 French fans to the 2017 EU LCS Spring finals. This will be the farthest the LEC/EU LCS has ever traveled for its finals, with 1800 kilometers separating Berlin and Athens.

As already mentioned, the previous LEC finals took place in Rotterdam. This was the first time the Netherlands hosted an EU LCS/LEC finals. The event took place in the Ahoy arena, which was able to house nearly 16,500 viewers. Compared to last year’s EU LCS finals in Madrid, that’s over 2000 more viewers who were able to witness top level League of Legends play.

The venue

While the venue hasn’t been announced yet, we can make assumptions based on the above-mentioned numbers. We have also limited our search to indoor arenas in Athens only, as it makes far more sense. Most League of Legends esports event finals took place in indoor arenas, with the exception of some Worlds and LCK finals. The most likely candidates, then, seem to be the O.A.C.A. Olympic Indoor Hall, the Hellinikon Olympic Arena, and the Peace and Friendship Stadium.

The Hellinikon arena is the smallest one, only able to house 15,000 spectators in a full configuration. On the other hand, the other two arenas are a lot bigger, with the O.A.C.A. being able to seat as many as 20,300 spectators. The Peace and Friendship stadium is also able to host around 17,000 viewers, which is much closer to the previous venues’ numbers. That is why I think the Peace and Friendship stadium will host the 2019 LEC Summer finals.

League of Legends LEC Summer finals heading to athens greece riot games

The finals in Rotterdam saw G2 Esports clearly dominating their competition. What’s more, the atmosphere in the arena was crazy thanks to passionate Dutch fans. With that said, the Greek fans are known as some of the most passionate fans in sports. If you want to know more, just take a look at any traditional sporting event happening in Greece. The summer final will surely be a great one, and we can’t wait for it to happen.

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