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One of the craziest events in Call of Duty history has concluded. CWL London was everything you want in a major event –intense matches, some controversy, a stellar crowd, and a deserving victor, 100 Thieves.

In what started as a run-of-the-mill tournament, London had several memorable and infamous moments. The most outstanding of these moments would be the crowd chanting obscenities at Luminosity after their controversial win over FaZe.

However, on Championship Sunday, all those matters were put to bed. Winners 100 Thieves won two straight matches against top teams to take home first place. Check out our day one and two recaps so you’re fully caught up on the weekend’s events.

Here’s everything that went down on Championship Sunday.

100 Thieves bring one home to Nadeshot

While 100 Thieves have one of the more talented rosters, they haven’t acted like it until now. They’ve had some good showings but never fully lived up to their potential. That, of course, changed this weekend.

When Matt “Nadeshot” Haag put this roster together, this is what he envisioned. Although some of the role decisions were questionable, none of that mattered in the end. 100 Thieves showed they can hang with any team in the CWL and should be a force for the remainder of Black Ops 4.

Starting out by beating OpTic Gaming in the Winners Finals put the squad on the right path for Sunday. EUnited eventually defeated OpTic as well, setting up the Grand Finals. It was a rematch from Winners Bracket round 1, where 100 Thieves thoroughly swept eUnited.

While not a sweep, 100 Thieves still managed to win 3-1, not letting eUnited get any momentum. This certainly bodes well for the future of the team and solidifies their place as a top team.

Big things are now expected for them going forward in the Pro League and at every future event.

eUnited, OpTic secure 2nd and 3rd place

Although everyone knows these two teams’ potential, there were still some questions heading into London. EUnited looked much better with Chris “Simp” Lehr in the lineup at the Pro League, but the main stage can be a frightening place.

While they had a rough first round against 100 Thieves, they clawed their way through the Losers Bracket to make it to the Grand Finals. In the end, 100 Thieves were simply too hot to beat. Although, this was an encouraging performance for eUnited and especially Simp, who dominated every game mode.

As for OpTic, they are still fighting their Sunday demons. Since their Las Vegas win, they can’t seem to put it all together for the whole weekend. Whether it’s looking miserable in pool play or faltering in the Winners Bracket, something needs to change.

They are simply too talented to not be in the Grand Finals every event. Maybe getting close enough to taste another event win was what they needed to bounce back.

100 Thieves win CWL London, eUnited and OpTic Gaming fall just short

The next CWL event will be on May 13, when Division A of the Pro League starts up again.

What was your favorite moment of CWL London? Let us know in the comments down below. Keep up with Daily Esports for all your Call of Duty news and updates.