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100 Thieves started the League of Legends offseason right by signing Turkish jungler Can “Closer” Çelik. Closer will be replacing previous jungler Juan “Contractz” Garcia who has not been released from the team yet. However, 100 Thieves have released most of their academy players as well as AD Carry Cody “Cody Sun” Sun last week. Which prompted the signing of previous AD Carry Ian “FBI” Huang, also from Golden Guardians. Both pickups are projected improvements for the team in 2021.

November 16 marked the official start to the League of Legends offseason, which allowed teams to officially sign contracts. Many teams have begun the offseason by releasing one or two of their players before signing new ones. While most rosters have been predicted by outside sources, these rosters have not been officially confirmed.

Closer joins the 100 Thieves roster after being released by his previous team LCS Golden Guardians. Golden Guardians released their entire starting roster when the offseason began, presumably due to budget cuts. However, the former Golden Guardians rosters have all been rumored to join new teams after being released from their previous one. Kevin “Hauntzer” Yarnell is rumored to be joining Dignitas after they released top-laner Heo “Huni” Seung-hoon. The rest of the Golden Guardians are rumored to be joining 100 Thieves with Closer.

100 Thieves looking solid for 2021

100 thieves has seen glimpses of greatness with their League of Legends rosters, but have yet to find success like in 2018. Last year they brought back players from their original team that went to Worlds, but things didn’t work. Once again 100 Thieves had to promote some of their academy talent to their main roster as an attempt to fix their issues. While 100 Thieves did make playoffs twice, they were not able to go far in them.

Golden Guardians, however, showed major promise towards the latter half of the Summer Split. They were able to make playoffs and almost take down TSM. If rumors are true, 100 Thieves would acquire the rest of the roster minus Hauntzer.

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