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A rumor surfaced this morning about 100 Thieves leaving the realm of Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (CS:GO). Another rumor suggested that this may have something to do with star player Justin “JKS” Savage’s move to the Complexity roster. 100 Thieves’ CEO Matthew “Nadeshot” Haag has confirmed that the first rumor is definitely true. In a roundabout way, he essentially confirmed the latter rumor as well.

Nadeshot explained that the decision came from a “multitude of factors,” the biggest being the fact that 100 Thieves is based in North America.

Number 1, 100 Thieves is a North American organization. We have loved and cherished every moment that our CS:GO team has competed at the 100 Thieves Cashout Compound. That’s where we want our team to be, that’s where we want our players to be. We want to give them the support structure that they deserve, and we want to integrate them into our culture. We want to be there for them with any problem they may have, big or small. And what’s happening right now in CS:GO, everything is transitioning over to Europe.

Letting go…

Nadeshot went on to say that after discussing these issues with the team players, everything came down to needing to be in Europe. Therefore, they couldn’t logistically keep all of them at the 100 Thieves compound in LA and provide the proper support they need to play in Europe. Nadeshot explained that 100 Thieves decided that the group did not want to hold any players back from achieving success. This ultimately led to the team deciding what they deemed the best thing for the players: letting them exit CS:GO.

“I have loved every moment we have spent in the CS:GO community,” Nadeshot said. “We will continue to support it. We will continue to keep our eyes on it. And we wish nothing but the very best for our players, our coaches, the teams they will spend the rest of their careers on, and the entire community.”

Of course, he did also mention that he can’t say if they will return to CS:GO or not. In these crazy times, no one can say with any certainty what they will or won’t do in the future.

The current 100 Thieves roster still has a few matches left to play at the IEM New York tournament, but this will be the last time they will play under the 100 Thieves banner.