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Complexity Gaming is looking to acquire Justin “Jks” Savage from 100 Thieves. According to Jarek “DeKay” Lewis on Twitter, multiple sources have confirmed Jks to be Complexity’s fifth member. There has been a lot of talk surrounding 100 Thieves’ current CS:GO roster. Just last week, head coach Chet “ImAPet” Singh left 100 Thieves to coach NRG Esport’s Valorant squad. This move was originally predicted weeks prior by DeKay as well.

Jks joined 100 Thieves around the same time last year after they acquired the original Renegades team. Since then, there have been glimpses of greatness from the team; however, most of it has been a spiral downward. At Intel Extreme Masters XIV Beijing, 100 Thieves came second overall after getting swept by Astralis. After that stellar performance, the team has struggled both on and offline.

100 Thieves are currently attending Intel Extreme Masters XV New York; however, this could be the last tournament they play together. After their unfortunate loss to Furia during the ESL Pro League, DeKay predicted that the roster would not remain the same. Jks’ potential departure followed up this piece of news.

100 Thieves lose potential savior

Jks is undoubtedly the most consistent player the team has besides Joakim “Jkaem” Myrbostad. Together, the two acted as the backbone that the team needed to barely survive the group stage at most tournaments. The remaining players have had moments of greatness, but they are overall lackluster. It seems that the team either plays fantastically or appears to not be playing at all.

With CS:GO talent migrating to Valorant, the currently available players are slowly dwindling. Even lower-tier players have started to switch to Valorant for higher salaries and better rosters. If 100 Thieves lose Jks, there aren’t many options for them to replace him with. In addition to finding a new star player, the team is still on the hunt for a new coach.

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