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Roster change season is in full effect in the competitive League of Legends scene. Recently the 100 Thieves organization announced their League of Legends staff for the 2020 season. With the players and the coaching staff now confirmed, the season is looking very bright for the 100 Thieves. The 100 Thieves coaching staff is expected to be one of the best in the western scene.

The coaching staff of 100 Thieves

Starting off the coaching staff is ex-LCK caster Chris “PapaSmithy” Smith. PapaSmithy was easily the most popular caster in the west on the LCK casting team, but he has now moved into the role of General Manager at 100 Thieves. His role in the team included building the coaching staff and completing the rosters of the LCS and Academy teams.

Next up is the head coach of the LCS roster, Tony “Zikz” Gray. Zikz has spent the last five years coaching some of the best teams in the LCS, Team Solo Mid and Counter Logic Gaming. Throughout the years, teams coached by Zikz have competed at the League of Legends World Championship and at the MSI events. Additionally, under Zikz’s management, CLG won the 2015 Summer Split playoffs and the 2016 Spring Split playoffs of the LCS.

Leading the Academy team of 100 Thieves is Kelsey “Kelsey” Moser. Kelsey has been a part of 100 Thieves since 2018. During this time, Kelsey’s team won the NA Academy 2019 summer playoffs back in August. It is expected that, while Kelsey’s role is mostly focused toward the Academy team, Kelsey will be involved with the LCS team of 100 Thieves as well.

The lesser-known support staff

In addition to the well-known veterans, 100 Thieves has more support staff that is less frequently talked about. One such staff member is Joseph “JungleJuice” Jang. JungleJuice has been with the 100 Thieves organization since 2017 and is mainly focused on the strategic aspects of the game.

Another is Richard “Phantiks” Su, a semi-professional player from Australia. After he stepped back from the semi-pro scene of League of Legends back in 2018, he has been coaching the Mammoth team to the top of the Oceanic Pro League. Under his leadership, the team went all the way to the Play-In stages of the 2019 World Championship. Last, finishing up the 100 Thieves staff lineup is Nathan “Kaimera” McAdams. While there is very little known about Kaimera, he will be the head analyst for the organization throughout 2020.

For more roster announcements, be sure to check out TSM’s announcement of the new LCS roster for the upcoming year.

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