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Editors Note: This story was updated on April 7 to show the results of the auction and prices

100 Thieves join Sentinels in the release of an exclusive line of non-fungible tokens. The unique digital items use blockchain to identify the image and keep it exclusive to those who purchased it. The 100 Thieves NFT line includes eight unique pieces as part of the organization’s infinity apparel collection that will only be available for a limited time. The first four items will be up for auction for 24 hours starting April 6. The other four will be giveaways for 100 Thieves fans starting in 48 hours.

The digital items are available on foundation.app/100thieves and can be bid on through the digital currency Ethereum. Current bids have all four available NFTs over 1.00 ETH. The current market puts the base price for 1.00 ETH at around $2,000. Like all other digital currencies, the value of Ethereum has fluctuated over time. The blockchain cryptocurrency started at under $1 in 2015 but has skyrocketed since September of 2020.

100 Thieves NFT explanation

100 Thieves CEO Matthew “Nadeshot” Haagbroke broke down why the company created the exclusive NFT line in a recent video. He, along with Vice President of the organization Jackson Dahl, said that the NFTs are a collectable in their eyes in the same vein as trading cards.

“We are not going to jump in now and try to make some giant cash grab or do some giant thing in the world of NFTs,” Dahl said. “But we did want to try something and see how our fans and community responded to it,”

The NFTs are a part of the company’s new apparel line that will run throughout the year according to Nadeshot. The images are that of a black hole with the 100 Thieves logo lining image.

The NFT auction will end 12 p.m. PST tomorrow April 7. The next day, April 8, 100 Thieves will announce the giveaway winners.

The 100 Thieves NFTs went for over 2 ETH each. The lowest sold for 2.30 ETH, equivalent to $4,629 in the current market. The highest went for 3.0 ETH, which is $6,038. The other two went for prices of 2.4 and 2.32 ETH.